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beloved [8.9mb remix for bastion]


---unfinished bastion rehearsal-room demos

some of these are variations or new arrangements of the same song

BBSE_TSIA [aka Best Bastion Song Ever—This Song Is Awesome]
piano_song1 [i'm playing bass. yay bass!]


---songs. demos. ideas.


as stendec:

into_my_arms_b2m [Nick Cave cover]

further_from_sad [rough sketch]

naked. [5.7mb.]

superheroe remix. [5.1mb. NEW]

with rules. [4.0mb.]

so long marianne. [5.2mb. leonard cohen cover. just because.]

superheroe. [3.7mb. original acoustic]

slow. [5.4mb. the instrumental bit at the end is pretty nice.]

effigy. [4.0mb. friday night. four am. 1998. made the song up as i hit record.]

tiny little islands. [5.2mb. first take guitar and vocals with some nice sequencing.]

yellow goodbye. [3.0mb. rough sketch.]


stendec live at the knitting factory

03_out_of_this_world [not written by me]

04_slow_with rules


---electronic. aesthetic. etcetera.


as arthur fantastic:

LIT. [5.2mb. layered improvisation]

cluster1. [8.7mb. score for a short film]

angel toy (dirty discotheque mix). [4.2mb. eighties techno. kinda. remix of an old song i'm in the process of recording]

with rules (glitch mix). [10.9mb. remix based on the live version's drum beat]

naked (glitch mix). [18.3mb.]



909 *NEW*. [1mb. added 7-21-04. fun with my 909 and a fuzz probe.]

one. [4.7mb. demo for prospective client. don't steal. just ask. i'll make you better ones.]

two. [2.0mb. more fun.]


---as fillip:

---my first band. circa 1998 i think.

in me. [3.6mb. i'm doing everything but drums. chris macy on drums.]

jennifer ever. [3.3mb. same as above, with aaron sciandra playing cello.]

come around. [3.3mb. first song i wrote.]

pillowcase. [2.2mb. with rosalia ferraro singing backup vocals.]


---with ps:

---my exband.guitar/noises.

--EP 1

--EP 2

pylons. [9.2mb. i do a lot of cool stuff on here. ask me about it, i'll tell you what's mine and what's not a cello. there are no synths on this track.]

reaching. [5.5mb. love the tone of the guitar at the end.]

apply. [4.9mb.]

spelling. [4.6mb.]